All vessels calling in the ports of Maldives are required to obtain an Inward Clearance

The vessels are required to have an agent appointed in Male’. However, in the event that this is not possible before arriving in Maldives, Customs must be informed on VHF Channel 16 accordingly and appointment of an agent must be completed within 48 hours of arrival.

Customs Inward Clearance (except for those under diplomatic immunity), will be granted after approval has been obtained by the agent, from:

In atolls and islands where there is no Customs Unit established, Inward Clearance will be granted by Customs Officers on regional duty or through Atoll Offices.

If the first Port of Arrival is an island other than Male", the agent must obtain approval from Ministry of Defense and National Security.

Documents Required
  1. Last Port Clearance  (original)
  2. Passenger and Crew List
  3. Crew Declaration
  4. Crew personal effects list,
  5. Ship store,
  6. Bond store list,
  7. Transit cargo manifest,
  8. Port of call or voyage memo
  9.  Copy of MNDF’s security clearance
  10. General Declaration
  11. If it is the first time of getting inward clearance of the vessel, submit its picture and specification

Air Crafts

Agents for aircrafts must send the required documents at least 1 hour before it lands in Maldives.

Documents Required

Advance Clearance

An advance port clearance is a clearance that is issued after inspections are made at a document level, without carrying out the physical inspection of the vessel. It must be noted that the issuance of an advance port clearance will only be carried out after the vessel reaches the port.

Prior Documentation Required

After Issuance Documentation Required

Within 2 hours of obtaining Advance Clearance, the Agent of the vessel must submit the following documents to customs.

  1. Last Port Clearance
  2. Crew Declaration and Personal Effects List
  3. Ship Store Declaration
  4. Bond Store
  5. Transit Cargo Manifest
  6. Security Clearance (Copy)
  7. Nil list
  8. Ship particulars and Ship Specification


Outward Clearance


According to Article 69 of customs regulation, any vessel, departing from Maldives to overseas by sea and air should obtain outward clearance before departure.

Documents Required

Outward Clearance Issuing Ports
  1. Male’ Commercial Harbour and its anchorage area
  2. S. Hithadhoo Commercial Habour and its anchorage area
  3. H. Dh Kulhudhuffushi Commercial Habour and its anchorage area
  4. H. A. Uligan Yatch Harbour (only for vessels carrying tourist)

Air Crafts

All aircrafts departing from Maldives to overseas by sea and air should obtain outward clearance before departure.

In the event that the vessel is unable to depart Maldives within 24 hours from the issuance of Outward Clearance, a re-application is required

Documents Required