Import duty will not be charged for items imported for personal use that are below MVR 6,000. For those that is worth higher (excluding freight and insurance) than MVR 6,000 duty will be charged on the amount exceeding MVR 6,000.
For example: If the value of goods are worth MVR 10,000, duty will be charged on MVR4,000 (MVR10,000 – MVR 6,000)

Duty Free Amounts

Students and Local Nationals resident Abroad and Foreign Professionals are allowed the following duty exemptions.

Duty Free Goods

As per Law No: 31/79 (Maldivian Import Export Act) the following items imported by tourists and other passengers for their personal consumption will not be dutiable.

Category One: Correspondence and other documents - this category includes published and electronic documents items that are of no commercial value.

Category Two: Consignments of lesser value which may include items such as:

Category Three: Items brought in by passengers for their own use when travelling to Maldives. These items include:

Note: If you are carrying goods valued MVR 6,001 and above (excluding the items stated in 1 and 2) you must declare the goods and pay the required duty


Duty exemptions will not be allowed for the following items