To become a world-class Customs service that fully reflects national and international standards and best practices, in contributing to border protection and trade facilitation.


To guard and protect the Maldives national borders from smuggling of narcotics, contrabands and against other illegal cross-border activities, by steadfastly enforcing the laws of the Maldives while fostering economic security through facilitation of legitimate trade and travel.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Service Standards

HEEDING the Government of Maldives call for providing friendly and customer oriented service by the public sector;
REMINDING ourselves of our Vision and Mission;
HONOURING our Code of Conduct;
DERIVING inspiration from the responsibility we discharge and the work we do;
RECOGNIZING the need to abide by a set of standards in serving our clients;
APPRECIATING the relevance of such standards to the responsibility we discharge and the work we do;
RENEWING our commitment to being friendly and customer oriented in all our service areas;
WE, the Maldives Customs Service, agree to be bound by the following Standards of Service that we have created and imposed upon ourselves.

Customs Committments
As an organization, we undertake
Client Cooperation
We request you, as our Client
As an organization, we undertake