The Maldives Customs service continues to work relentlessly towards effectively meeting our mandated functions, within the compliance-facilitation grid, through continuously improving competency in human resources management, enhancing the capacity of law-enforcement and development in tandem with increasing level of technology assimilation. The target is creation and sustenance of a working environment conducive to good governance through.

Performance: integrity and focus Attitude: trust and commitment Response to Change: creative-solutions approach through integrated platforms.

Our history dates back to 1890. Since then, Customs has undergone many name changes, including "Bandaara fihaara", "Athiree-farumeyt" and later "Customs". On November 11, 1998 Customs was renamed Maldives Customs Service.

In Male, Customs services are principally provided at Male International Airport and at Male Commercial Harbour. The number of regional Customs offices are also being increased to keep pace with the growth of international commercial activities in other atolls.

The international profile of Customs received a sharper focus when it became a member of the World Customs Organization on 8th September 1995 and subsequent representations made at international fora.

Through our website, we have expanded our interactive horizons and entered the age of e-business via the conduit of information communication technology. I have no doubt that this interface portal would contribute further to achieve enhanced integration of Customs functions in the multilateral trading system, contributing towards increased efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the delivery of trade-related services as well as in our social protection role.