MCS introduces Advance Ruling.

MCS introduces Advance Ruling.

Maldives Customs Service introduced advance ruling service effective from 16 October 2019.

With this service, importers can request and obtain an advance binding ruling on the treatments of Customs regarding an item’s classification, duty rate and origin.

This service provides certainty for traders about how their goods will be treated at the time of importation, hence enhance predictability, transparency and consistency of customs processes which in turn encourages compliance. Advance ruling comes in particularly handy for small and medium-sized enterprises and those introducing new products in the local market, fostering their participation in the global commerce.

This service will also benefit business importing specific products such as devices, machinery, chemicals, construction materials and vehicles as proper classification of these products requires technical details.

These provisions are binding for each customs transaction for as long as 3 years, provided that the eligibility conditions are duly met. The conditions include provision of accurate and complete information about the product.

Maldives Customs Service has adopted several facilitative measures in its continuous efforts to harmonize and expedite clearance processes.

Maldives enacted WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement in October.

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November 14, 2019