The recorded history of Maldives Customs is traced to 1890, although government export / import tax administrative infrastructure was functional long before that.


The first Head of Customs was Amir Ahmed Dhoshimeyna Kilegefaanu. The post of Head of Customs were held by several prominent figures (see photos). The Amir Mohamed Amin, Mr. Mohamed Ismail Didi, Mr. K. Ibrahim Didi, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Didi, Mr. Ibrahim Nasir, Mr. Ahmed Zaki, Mr. Farook Ismail, Mr. Abdulla Khaleel, Mr. Hassan Ali Didi, Mr. Hussain Ali Didi, Mr. Ahmed Shathir, Mr. Mohamed Zahir ( 10.1.'73 to 9.12.'78 and from 10.11.'79 to 29.5.'91) and Mr. Hussain Manikfan( from 29.5.91 to 7.7.'96). The longest serving Head of customs were Amir Ahmed Dhoshimeyna Kilegefaanu and Mr. Mohamed Zahir.


Maldives Customs joined the World Customs Organization on 8th September 1995, when it became its 139th Member, during Minister of state Mr. Manikfan's tenure as Head of Customs. The name of Maldives Customs was re-named Maldives Customs Service on 11th November 1998.


The Maldives Customs Service is currently headed by Commissioner General of Customs Mr. Abdulla Shareef.