Twelve drug seizures so far this year

Published on: Thursday, June 1, 2017

Twelve drug seizures so far this year

Maldives Customs Service has seized 5kg of drugs (Cannabis, Heroin, Hashish Oil) and a large quantity of stimulants so far this year.

Information on these successful operations was given by the Chief Superintendent Ismail Hamdoon and Senior Superintendent Hussain Shaaz, in a special media briefing held yesterday at Customs Building.

These seizures include, 1.3kg of Cannabis, 2.8kg of Heroin, 0.7kg of Hashish Oil, 355 Tab of Ecstasy, 206 grams of Crystal Meth, 6 grams of Ketamine and 162 grams of Amphetamine.

Speaking in the Media Briefing, Mr. Hamdoon stressed that it has been observed that party drugs and other stimulants like Ecstasy and Crystal Meth, which are not very common in the Maldives are being smuggled. He also added that in order to address this, special operations are being carried out with Maldives Police Service at airports and seaports, and that Customs would make sure that luggage of all arriving passengers would be profiled and x-rayed as per the existing risk management system.

Mr. Hamdoon also urged public to carry prescriptions, if they are importing medicine in the luggage.