Items for Personal Use

Prohibited & Restricted Items for import

Prohibited & Restricted items for import


Prohibited Items 


Prohibited goods are goods that are banned completely.


Narcotics and psychotropic substances
Pornographic material (including sex toys) such as books, magazines, films, videos, DVDs and software
Religious materials offensive to Islam
Live pigs
Idols (for worship)


Restricted Items


Restricted goods are goods that require a specific permit in order to import them.




According to Maldivian Law No: 4/1975 (Import prohibition Act), importation of liquor and alcoholic products without prior approval is prohibited.


Hence, it is advised not to purchase liquor and alcoholic products on the flight or duty free shops while en route to the Maldives as these items will be confiscated upon arrival at the airport. However, liquor, beer and other such alcoholic beverages are available at all tourist resorts/hotels. These have been imported under special license issued prior to their importation.


* Prior permit required from Ministry of Economic Development.





According to Maldivian Law No: 4/1975 (Import prohibition Act), importation of pork and its by-products without prior approval is prohibited.

*Prior permit required from: Ministry of Economic Development



Toxic substances

*Prior permit required from: Ministry of Defense and National Security



Health certificate from an authorized veterinarian, satisfying that the animal is free from infections or contagious diseases is required.

Note:  the import of dogs and dangerous animals are strictly prohibited.

*Health certificate from an authorized veterinarian



Pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, pellet guns, etc.
Replica and imitation firearms, Components of firearms, Harpoon and spear guns, Stun or shock producing devices.
Explosives and explosive devices, Replica or imitation explosive material or devices, Fireworks, flares and other pyrotechnics.

*Prior permit required from: Ministry of Defense and National Security 



All plants require a valid phytosanitary / sanitary certificate and must be inspected and approved by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.

* Valid phytosanitary/sanitary certificate




A valid medical prescription issued by a registered medical practitioner is required for importation of controlled drugs (for personal use only)

*For Personal use: Valid Prescription For commercial use prior permit required from: Maldives Food and Drug Authority 



All tobacco products must carry a health warning label as prescribed by the Ministry of Health .

Note:  All passengers are eligible for import duty allowance upto a limit of 200 Cigarettes, 25 Cigars and 250g of tobacco.



 Talkie-set, receiver and any other telecommunication equipment with radio frequency transmitting capacity exceeding 100 milliwatts should be inspected and approved by Communication Authority of Maldives.