License Issuing Procedure

License Issuing Procedures

Although issuing Import/Export license is a mandate of Ministry of Economic Development, Maldives Customs Service is designated to issue Import license to the following parties for facilitate trade.



When issuing import license for personal use, Customs administration will be considering the quantity of goods being imported. This decision will be taken by the respective section’s Officer in Charge (OIC).


For parties that do not possess a permit to trade imported items Import License will be issued from Ministry of Economic Development.


The following documents are required to acquire import license.



If import license is being issued for the first time, the following documents must be submitted along with the above mentioned documents.


According to export, import and re-export regulation (2012/R-34), in cases where goods are imported, exported or re-exported without a license will be subjected to pay a processing charge of 20 Laari per MVR 1 from value determined by customs.


The processing charge can be paid along with the customs duty.

*Note: Original documents will be immediately returned after verification.