Importers / Exporters


As per Maldives Export/Import Law (No: 31/79) and Taxation Law (No: 3/2013), any party wishing to import goods into Maldives must be registered at Ministry of Economic Development (MED) and Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA). Furthermore, they should possess a license issued by Ministry of Economic Development/or any party allocated by this ministry to carry out the licensing procedures.


The parties importing goods, except for personal use, to Maldives should be registered with Customs. The following documents should be submitted to register in Customs.


Application form for Importer / exporter registration MCS-127 Application for Importer - Exporter Registration
Original and a copy of the permit to import goods
Original and a copy of the registration of the company, if a company
MIRA tax registration certificate
Original and a copy of the registration of the vessel, in case of international cargo vessel.


Parties registering international cargo vessels and diplomatic parties are not required to submit the above mentioned “permit to import goods” to register with the Customs.


Importers should obtain separate importer registration number other than company registration number if intending to import goods for the following purposes.



*Note: Original documents will be immediately returned after verification.