Customs Brokers

Customs Brokers

To register as a Customs broker, companies should fulfil the following requirements.


1.The company must be registered under Maldives.
2.An employee must have passed and achieved a certificate of Customs Mediators Course conducted for the Mediators
3.No one under the name of the company or directors of the company or employees of the company is involved in import and export business.
4.None of the employee of the Customs or Port Operators in the Customs territories is among the directors or the employees of the Company.
5.Have established resources to function as Customs mediators and have the name of the Company displayed publicly in an evident manner.


The following documents should be submitted to Customs to apply for Customs broker license.

1.Application form MCS-155 Application for Registration and Cancellation
2.Original and a copy of the Company’s registration certificate.
3.Company’s board of directors’ valid National Identification Card (ID card) original and copies. (as for foreigners, original and a copy of their work permit or work permit card)


The license will be issued within 7 days of its application after the registration fee and annual fee is paid to Customs.

*Note: Original documents will be immediately returned after verification.


If the Company is in the export/import business, a letter must be submitted to cancel the C Number allocated to the company. A written document stating that no member of the company (including staff and Directors alike) will conduct import/export business transactions in their own names.

Broker's Pass


Each Broker/ Agent Company is eligible to get 5 permits free of charge. Additional permits will be charged MVR200 per permit as stated in Annex 36 of The Customs Regulation.


Admission fee for the training programs MVR 2000
Fee for processing Pass MVR 200
Registration fee MVR 500
Annual fee MVR 3500


A total of MVR4, 000 will be charged for this service comprising of MVR500 for registration and an annual fee of MVR3, 500 in accordance with the Fees stated in the Annex 36 of Customs Regulation.