Bond Keepers

Bond Keeper Registration





The follwing documents  must be submitted to register as Bond Keepers. Bond Keeper permits will be issued within 7 working days from the date of application.


Bond Keeper Registration Form MCS-155 Application for Registration and Cancellation
Request Form for Permit to Access Customs Controlled Areas MCS-155 Application for Registration and Cancellation
2 Passport sized photos (less than 3 months old
Letter of Employment from the company
Foreign nationals must present a record of criminal history or a police report endorsed by the local embassy.
Original and a copy of  valid National Identity Card (additional copy required)
Foreign individuals must present orginal and a copy a valid work permit 


*Note: Original documents will be immediately returned after verification.




Each registered Bonded Warehouse company is eligible to get 5 bond keeper permits free of charge.  Additional permits will be charged MVR200 per permit.