Cheque & Cash

Cheque & Cash Payment

Payment can be made in "cash" which in these terms also covers payment by cheque or any other form acceptable to the Customs. The system permits cash payments to be made directly to Customs. We accept cheques from all commercial banks located in the Maldives. We do not accept foreign currencies, we accept only Maldivian Rufiyaa.

The procedure set out below applies.

After assessment of the declaration: ·

·         The system prints an assessment notice;

·         Declarant receives the assessment notice and takes it to a Customs cashier for payment; 

·         Customs cashier receives the money and delivers a receipt;

·         Payment is registered in the accounting file and the paid status is automatically recorded in the declaration file;

·         Declaration is passed to the clearance officer who reviews the declaration processing path, ensures that all intermediate steps have been carried out and issues the removal note;

·         With the removal note the trader can take delivery of the goods.