Prohibited & Restricted Items

Restricted Items

Restricted goods are goods that require a specific permit in order to import them.

Liquor and Alcoholic Products


Pork and its by-products
Chemical and Chemical Products



Health certificate from an authorized veterinarian, satisfying that the animal is free from infections or contagious diseases is required.

Note: the import of dogs and dangerous animals are strictly prohibited. 

Firearms/Explosives/Weapons and Ammunition


Live Plants and Animals

All plants require a valid phytosanitary / sanitary certificate and must be inspected and approved by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.



A valid medical prescription issued by a registered medical practitioner is required for importation of controlled drugs (for personal use only)

Guidelines on Issuance of Health Clearance to Food Supplements Imported to Maldives (MFDA,Dec 2020)

Tobacco and Tobacco Products

All tobacco products must carry a health warning label as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.


Note: All passengers are eligible for import duty allowance upto a limit of 200 Cigarettes, 25 Cigars and 250g of tobacco.


Communication Equipment

Talkie-set, receiver and any other telecommunication equipment with radio frequency transmitting capacity exceeding 100 milliwatts should be inspected and approved by Communication Authority of Maldives.