Documents Required

Documents Required


The following documents shall be submitted with the Goods Declaration according to Customs law (8/2011).

You may use a licensed Customs Broker to lodge the Goods Declaration to Customs. You can apply to assign a Customs Broker though Customs Portal.


Pre-valuation form (
Commercial invoice
Packing list
Bill of lading, Airway bill or Courier waybill
Documents stating the costs borne by the buyer and the seller stated in the Pre-valuation form
Insurance Policy for insured goods
Bond receipt or Post Waybill for goods imported through post
Courier Airway Bill or Delivery Order for goods imported through courier service
Documents stating all the costs incurred for the goods to be brought to the clearing Customs port
Documents stating the payment details or how the payment is to be made for the goods
Pro-forma invoice or the purchase order
Any agreement made in writing between the buyer and the seller
Itemized list of prices for spares, components, machineries in case the prices are given in aggregates for such goods
Original of the De-registration certificate if the imported good is a Pre-registered vehicle other than Motor cycles and Auto cycles
If the imported good is a marine vessel the “Additional Information Sheet for Marine Vessels Form”  prescribed in the Schedule (18) of this Regulation
Original of Certificate of Origin, if preferential rate of duty is claimed
Permits from relevant government authorities for goods requiring such permit for importation
Any other information regarding the imported goods which the importer wants to share with Customs



Documents Not Required


Duty allowances declared by the president.
Personal effect items Items brought in by local passengers when entering Maldives after a long period abroad.
Used items brought by locals coming back to Maldives after a period of 6 months or more abroad.
Used items brought for establishment by professionals coming to work in Maldives for a period of more than 6 months.