Other documents required

Other Documents Required to Obtain Preferential Treatment for Export Goods


In order to obtain preferential treatment abroad for export goods from the Maldives, the following documents should be submitted to and endorsed by Customs.  Customs will endorse these documents  even if they are submitted along with the Goods Declaration or submitted after the goods have been examined for export.



Generalized System of Preferences (G.S.P certificate)

SAARC Preferential Trading Agreement (SAPTA certificate)

South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA certificate)

The Special Preferential Tariff Program granted by China (China CO)

Certificate of Origin and consignment for Export (C.O)

International Convention for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (I.C.C.A.T) document.

Duty free Tariff preference


* NOTE: G.S.P certificate, SAPTA certificate and SAFTA certificate should be printed on a special paper provided by Customs.





G.S.P   Certificate MVR 200
SAPTA   Certificate MVR 200
SAFTA   Certificate MVR 200