Export Declaration

Before loading good into a craft for export or re-export from Maldives, the exporter should provide true and complete details about quantities, F.O.B. price of the goods in a manner declared by the Customs.


To process the export declaration, the following documents must be submitted to customs. After processing export declaration, export duty should be paid as prescribed by the law for export goods.



The following additional documents are to be submitted along with the above mentioned documents for exporting yellowfin tuna to countries of European Union.



Goods Declaration form should be submitted for the goods other than personal effects carried by the members of the crew and passengers of an embarking craft and for the goods that do not have a commercial value. However, in this situation it is not obligatory to submit the commercial invoice and packing along with the Goods Declaration.


Goods being exported from the Maldives will not be released from Customs control untill the following conditions are fulfilled.