S.Gan Operations


S.Gan Customs was opened on 1 October 1981 making it the oldest customs office established in the country outside the capital Male’ area. Initially, the main function of S.Gan Customs was to facilitate export of garments produced in the garment factories located at S.Gan island at that time. Prior to establishment of S.Hithadhoo Customs in 2005, S.Gan Customs also carried out function of issuing customs clearance to foreign-going vessels calling to and departing from Addu. With expansions of operations at Gan International Airport (GIA), today, S.Gan Customs carry out functions such as processing of import and export declaration and collecting of import duties, facilitating customs clearance of passengers travelling through GIA, and issuing of customs clearance to international flights operating to and from GIA. Additionally, S.Gan Customs also facilitate clearance of international parcels arriving through postal and courier services to Addu City. Located at the island of Gan, Addu City, S.Gan Customs currently has 20 staff. Official working hours are Sat-Thurs, from 0730 to 1530 hours.